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a kid with iPad

Mobile Technology is adding new dimensions to our everyday

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Why Your Home is the Next Big Data

Pablo —  February 5, 2014

nest google thermostate internet of things

Google is building an environment to enter into the internet of things, just like it did with Android in mobile. 

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Cloud, mobile and collaborative are some of 2014 hottest trends

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Open source software allows people around the world to undertake projects and collaborate without technological restrictions.

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An open and independent economy, now a reality thanks to crowd financing and digital currencies

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The World Bank does not miss the potential that crowdfunding can have in developing countries

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Book Shelf Startup Founders

There are many books about startups. We’ve gather the best ones for you, written by experienced founders

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alone bank

Young people will no longer go to the bank to ask for some services: we were born in the technological era and we prefer new solutions to ordinary problems 

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crowdsourcing crowdfunding big brands

Crowdsourcing is not just a source of information or funding: it’s a marketing tool, a way to generate ideas and something to connect brands with their fans, customers or followers

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