How to Use a Subscription Model to Sell your Products

Written by Jonathan —  December 30, 2014


Learn how to get started with subscriptions, an easy way to offer regular deliveries of your work.

Let’s say you want to deliver fresh items or content to your customers every month: maybe some new products, add-ons from your video game, new publications to read, or just setting up a membership club with exclusive content.

Subscriptions allow you to charge a monthly-recurring amount to let your buyers have access to a stream of products and services. That means they will automatically pay the same amount every month.

Recurring payments work well for:

Scheduled delivery of products
Software services

Creating subscriptions on Megafounder is really simple. Just open an item and mark the ‘It’s a subscription’ checkbox.


Turn items into monthly subscriptions by marking this checkbox


This is how the item will look like

Subscriptions F.A.Q.

What’s the difference between monthly subscriptions and “normal” items?

Standard items are associated with a one-time payment. Once the payment is done, creators must deliver the items.

Subscriptions are monthly recurring payments, which means your buyers will pay the same amount every month. Both you and the subscriber will always have the chance to cancel the payment for the following months at any given time.

When my subscribers will be charged?

They will be charged in month from the day they first take that item.

As an example, suppose the first payment is done on Feb. 2nd. The next payment will be charged by March 2nd. If the payment is processed by March 31st, the card will be charged by April 30th.

When/How will I get paid?

As soon as payments are processed, they will be added to your daily or weekly transfer on Stripe.

What are the fees associated with using subscriptions?

Megafounder takes a fee per successful transaction. Visit our pricing guide for more information.

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