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smart city population

Global population is growing. Natural resources are becoming depleted and consequently, people are migrating from the countryside to the city, what are we doing to ensure a sustainable future?

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sharing_economy capitalism trends

Faced with an unsustainable economy, society is trying to establish new channels to generate and exchange value, but is it succeeding at creating less competitive and more open approaches?

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Where’s the Web heading to?

Rita —  March 4, 2014


Having your phone organize your agenda and then jumping on your avatar and going for a stroll around a 3D town you’ve not visited yet… What does the future Web hold for us?

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a kid with iPad

Mobile Technology is adding new dimensions to our everyday

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Cloud, mobile and collaborative are some of 2014 hottest trends

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The World Bank does not miss the potential that crowdfunding can have in developing countries

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alone bank

Young people will no longer go to the bank to ask for some services: we were born in the technological era and we prefer new solutions to ordinary problems 

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